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Summer Vacation is Now Optional…

Learn how Mike Izzo makes Staten Islanders forget about long trips and just stay home for the Summer vacations of their lives…

If you’re a Staten Islander, you probably look forward to your summer vacations. By Spring you’re thinking of the big hotels, extravagant pools, swanky outdoor spaces and booming beach tunes.  A retreat from the grind is certainly necessary in order to avoid mental meltdown! But what if you didn’t have to get on a plane or go for a long drive; what if your summer vacation could be had in your own back yard.  Well now it’s very, very possible.

Mike Izzo of Staten Island’s Rock Solid Landscaping can turn your backyard into a dream-scaped vacation spot. One that’s better than the hotel you stayed at last summer. Imagine all the fun and sun just steps away and always ready for you. We’re talking about hotel status in-ground pools, sexy teak wooden accents, stone and block surroundings, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, outdoor bars, pool houses with all that and then a gym on the lower level, even Koi ponds and sculptured water-features that feature fire-features! Yep, sculptured WATER-FEATURES that feature FIRE-FEATURES!

So if you’re thinking about a patio, a pool or any outdoor improvement, don’t just do a little here or there, go big andturn your home’s outdoor space into your next vacation spot! Visit his masonry website to see photos then call Mike Izzo, get him and his Staten Island (or New Jersey) team in, and find out what it’s like to turn your yard into a vacation paradise!



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